Volume I

Collaborative residency at the ‘Shoestring Press,’ Brooklyn, New york, July 2017 – August 2017


Francis : Kirkbride (Sam Francis Bennett and Greg Kirkbride) have come together in this collaboration to investigate space. Greg coming from Newcastle, UK to New York to make a body of work in a new environment at the ‘Shoestring Press’ located in Brooklyn. Greg and Sam met at the ‘Scoula Internazionale di Grafica Venezia’ in Venice, Italy as part of a month long residency stay. Many open ended conversations about space arose from this encounter and this body of work is an investigation into the spaces each dwells in.


Greg has his background in print making and had recently began to include painting while Sam's concentration in painting has slowly been uprooted by screen-printing. By sharing their sensibilities they activate a new language which neither has authorship to. As the first collaboration as Francis : Kirkbride, the aim was to share knowledge and experience from each individuals practice.


Motifs that each share in their separate work include: splitting planes, gestural brushstrokes, bitmap dots, spray paint, grids and lines which all combine on a dense layering of information. Through the language of abstraction, the products of the relationship reveal a deconstruction of space, a continuous process of building and covering up with the creative gesture anatomizing the space within the picture plane.


This body of work takes influence from the urban landscape, where architectural elements contrast with organic mark making in order to fragment the space and create energy and movement.


Through a process of painting and printing, a structural space is established. By repeating the process, the space becomes dense and closed in. By adding atmospheric and organic marks the space becomes fractured and begins to open. Disrupting the chronological order of the process allows the space to accelerate into a dimension which interrupts the tangible quality creating an undefined composition which is neither internal or external.

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Francis         Kirkbride